Service:Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy add another, change

You are fully clothed at all times, the therapist will do an evaluation, this is done by them placing their hands on cretin points on the body where they will feel for the “pulse” given off by the nervous system and the flow of the Craniosacral fluid. The presser used is extremely light, 1 gram or less (a paperclip is just about 1 gram so you know how light the touch is).They will feel for a rhythm, an ebb, and flow and were this rhythm is disturbed showing a dysfunction in the area. After the evaluation, the therapist will place their hands lightly (1 to 9 grams of presser) on cretin parts of the body were the dysfunction was felt and hold that place, letting the nervous system settle and re-line. As this takes place the therapist will do extremely small movements, so small and light that you might not even feel them to stretch the tight underlying fascia and the elastin and collagen that makes it up. This can take from 2 to 30 minutes to do. After the therapist feels a release they will move on to the next place they felt dysfunction.

Staff: W. Dannie Lane
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