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ReNew Facelift Massage consists of a thorough cleansing with our pure, wholesome ReNew facial cleanser and warm towels to soften the skin. This process cleans cellular debris and prepares the skin for massage. Before we begin the face massage, we Stretch and massage to the arms, wrists and shoulders to release tension and thus, greater relaxation. Once the neck and shoulders are loosened we wrap the hair and we are then, ready to begin. A full thirty to forty minutes is devoted to massaging your face with luxurious aromatherapeutic oils and our signature ReNew Massage lotion that is made just for the skin of the face. Warmed towels soothe the tension lines. Using whipping, tapping, acupressure and contouring strokes as well as manual lymph drainage, blood and oxygen are stimulated to nourish, rejuvenate and tone the muscles and skin of the face. The face is moisturized with crèmes containing the finest natural extracts to feed and nourish the skin. At the completion of your Facelift Massage treatment, your scalp is massaged.

Staff: W. Dannie Lane
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