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Linda P
5 Stars! Excellent!
Charles H
Another Quality Experience Once again, Dannie was able to not only sooth the aching body yet quiet the mind as well! I enjoy being able to shut down during a massage and not need to communicate other than the occasional long breathed sigh. Thanks Again Dannie!
James W
Amazing After seeing Danny I felt so much better and my problem areas felt much better.
Meghan C
Always great! The massage, service, and experience are always great. Dannie customs the massage to my needs and even concocted a special oil blend for when I was sick. I highly recommend his services.
Ahhhhh Thank you for the wonderful Reiki session - it's just what I needed! See you again in a couple of weeks!
Shay M
Excellent ! It was my first time with Dannie. I think it was the best massage that I've had. Reasonably priced, easy to make appointment and very thorough. I will definitely be a regular! Highly recommend.
Illya Allman
A five star Massage indeed! If you are on the fence about going, don't be. A wonderful atmosphere, a very knowledgeable person that can find the places that the pain hides and take it away. I am a roofer, and get sore back, feet, stressed muscles all the time, and this is the only person I know that can help get my body back to normal. I have sent several people his way and will continue to do so, hunting, Sports, or just simple lifting wrong, take the time to let him fix it, you wont regret it. (And on a side note, his natural herbal remedies actualy make sense..and work!)
Terence N
Another awesome massage Even better than the last time! Again, he found all of my trouble points and gave me a superb massage! Well worth the money! Can't recommend him enough!
Great experience I’m always tense and in pain, so I went to Dannie for help. Not only is he a great massage therapist, but he’s also kind and sincere. I am much more relaxed and will sleep better tonight.
D. Tony C
Carson Great in every way
Top Professional This guy is simply great. He is very experience and knows his stuff. Not only the best massage in Atlanta but offers many other services to pamper yourself. I got the foot scrub as an extra bonus. This first time customer will be back again.
T. J. G
Dannie is the Best I have been seeing Dannie for years, and I always leave feeling so much better than when I arrived. He asks lots of questions to find out exactly which areas need the most work, gives advice on aromatherapy. Great guy and great LMT.
Charles H
Another Relaxed Client Once again, the combination of Dannie's hands and soothing ambiance made for a relaxing and therapeutic visit. Since making the commitment to be more healthy I've also committed to treating myself. Dannie's rates and convenient hours make that possible.
Dan M
Awsome Massage I haven't had a massage in a while and decided that I was do for a good body work over. At other massage places, I have felt uncomfortable, but not here. Dannie is very friendly and welcoming. I left feeling refreshed. Very highly recommended. Big plus for holistic views.
Ann A
Best experience ever This was the first time I've ever received a massage from someone who knew what they were doing. Dannie did a marvelous job of answering my questions without having to say a word. His calm demeanor just sets the mood and I will definitely be seeking him out again.
Heather G
Danny is great! Danny is always professional, attentive, and thorough. I just went yesterday and I am already looking forward to next time.
Charles H
Exactly What Was Needed! Recently I spent a Friday morning riding roller coasters at DollyWood and was reminded that I'm not as young as I use to be! After some time on the table with Dannie, the back is in good shape and I'm (hopefully) no worse for the ware!
Excellent! Always perfect!
Charles H
Excellent Experience I started at the gym again and quickly realized my muscles needed some attention after being worked out. Friday was my first appointment with Dannie and I will definitely be back. He provided a relaxing and comfortable environment, soft music and a skillful touch. All of this at a very reasonable cost. Also, I do know that I slept more soundly after that massage than I have in a long time! That's reason enough to re-book in my opinion!
Geoff B
Excellent massage ! Great pressure. Comfortable table. Very very relaxing !! A+
Geoff R
Excellent Masseur Great pressure ! Very intuitive ! Will visit again for sure !
Michael S
Great masaage Great therapeutic massage and a very nice man. Highly recommend.
Cooper P
Strong gentle hands When I need a massage, it is generally because of sore muscles or tense backache. Whichever the cause, Dannie can work it out better than anyone. He can work the muscles to release their tightness and sooth the soreness. He can apply the right pressure to remove the knotted tension in your back. Simply the best.
Len F
Thank you! A bad night's sleep led to a very sore shoulder. He agreed to see me at the last minute and saved the day!
Mark C
Excellent Work Dannie knows where my stress points are and works them without my feeling any discomfort. I left relaxed and rejuvenated for the rest of my day.
Good massage!! I had a very good massage and really liked the strength of Dannie's hands. It was very relaxing although I did ask him for deep tissue. It was a very good combination of deep work and a soft touch. I will definitely bee back for another session. He was also very professional as well!
Heather G
Excellent Sports Massage Dannie does a wonderful job. He keeps me running!
Kristen T
Great! Dannie was great. I'm super tense and will certainly go back!
Great Massage Most relaxing 90 minutes . Lower back, shoulders , and neck much better after session.
Great job! The fee I was charged for the hour massage was money well spent. Dannie did an extremely thorough job and worked on problem areas that really needed attention. I look forward to utilizing his services in the future.
Charlie J
Great massage Easy to schedule, friendly, cozy space, helped my back and neck feel great; highly recommended, I will be going back. And the rates are great too.
Peter N
Great massage Loosened me up and helped alleviate my neck and low back pain. Very relaxing.
Ron W
Great Massage 90 minute massage was the best. Most relaxing and especially helped my neck and shoulder areas. Will be back soon.
Great Massage Dannie is the best masseur in Atlanta ! Don't miss his massage.
Great massage Dannny is friendly and expert at what he does. Comfortable space in his home, attentive to what your problems are and what needs to be worked on, wonderful strong hands...leave feeling rejuvenated.
Ron W
Great Massage Dannie is the best masseur in Atlanta.
Great Massage! Really liked the massage and it helped with some leg issues! Will be back.
Steve G
GREAT MASSAGE! As a massageaholic I must say this is one of the best massages I have every had. Perfect amount of pressure and didn't feel beaten up at the end but instead felt totally relaxed. Can't wait to return!
great strong hands and wonderful touch! I had a fantastic massage which was soooo very helpful for me. I travel in a car a lot and was an athlete which has caused issues with my body. This massage really got to my muscles and joints and it really rejuvenated me afterwards. I would highly recommend the massage to everyone. Very friendly as well
Mark C
Great Work Awesome work found all the nots and tight areas in my back and legs very pleased with the massage.
Nichelle B
I had a very informative consultation for herbal blends that best suit my family's needs Dannie is VERY knowledgeable and very helpful in determining the best herbal blends for my mother's osteoporosis, my children's ADHD/Allergies/Hyperactivity/etc. and I even got a "Positive Energy" blend for myself to keep it all together sanely. I can't wait to schedule my first Reiki treatment and/or Massage (or both). In less than 24 hours, I've found that his "Calm Child" blend has worked tremendously with my youngest two children (ages 6 & 8) which confirms that I will keep "Calm Child" as a staple in our home, just like Almond milk, water and the other items I make sure I NEVER run out of! Thanks Dannie! My cousin and I (and the friend that couldn't make it, but has probably already placed an online order of Calm Child for her Autistic granddaughter) will be back again soon!
Phillip J
Just Fabulous If you are looking for a great massage, you're certain not to be disappointed here. He did a great job, head to toe, and I left a better, much more relaxed man.
made my day That was the BEST massage I've ever had. He paid attention to my problem areas and not only that those hands were made to relax your body. I'm totally relaxed and my body feels like brand new. I will be returning once a month!!! 5 STAR MASSAGE
Nathan S
Magic hands Pure bliss. Will be booking monthly (or more). Thank you, Dannie!
Massage Great massage! Really helped with some problem leg muscles!
Cooper P
Muscle relief My muscles were tight from running and I had pain in my lower back. I was unaware of the tension in my upper back, shoulders and neck. Throughout my massage I could feel my muscles being worked, the tension being released, and the relief. I highly recommend letting Dannie use his talent and firm hands to give you relief.
Curt R
Terrific massage! I had leg pain and Dannie worked them well and I felt relief right away. Highly recommend!
Omer Hermes
Thanks My brother and I came in for massages while visiting family here in town. They said you gave a good massage. It wasn't good, it was GREAT! Thanks so much - Omer and Justin Hermes
Millissa A
Thanks from Oklahoma I was in town visiting my family and starting having pain in my back. My and sister-in-law took me to Dannie! I am so glad she did! After 30 minutes of massage from his magic hands, I felt like a new woman. My back felt wonderful and even the slight headache I had when I went in was totally gone. Next time I'm in town visiting - I WILL definitely be visiting Dannie, whether I'm having pain or not! Thanks, Millissa
Jennifer B
The best massage therapist in town! I have been seeing Danny for close to five years now, and he is a keeper! In a world where it is increasingly difficult to find skilled and professional service providers, he is a rare gem. From session to session, he always listens to my needs, and goes above and beyond in addressing them. He is a very talented and intuitive therapist, who is especially adept at deep tissue work. I cannot recommend him enough. Make an appointment! You can thank me later!
Top Quality Massage at an Affordable Price! I made an appointment for Dannie's massage because I was impressed by the very detailed description of his massage techniques on his website. It doesn't hurt that he offers very reasonable rates! I've had a number of professional massages over the past year and was looking forward to a good, long and relaxing session with some deeper work here and there that would leave me feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. And that is exactly what Dannie provided. A wonderful massage, very attentive and focused strictly on me. I will definitely use his services again. Thank you Dannie!
Dennis F
Very relaxing I went to Aroma Therapeutics srressed out and knotted up with aches and pains and insomnia. During the process of the massage I dozed off about 4 times, everything was so relaxing, the sounds in the background were great, very soothing. Dan was really nice and professional, I didn't feel self conscious like I normally would. At the end of the massage I felt so relaxed and limber, my pains were gone and I had no problem falling asleep when I got home. I would recommend Aroma Therapeutics to anyone and already have to some friends.
John H
why massage? It's great to have a massage by one who not only knows how to give a superb massage but also has a myriad of different oils that work in tandem to provide complete body therapy.
John H
why massage? It's great to have a massage by one who not only knows how to give a superb massage but also has a myriad of different oils that work in tandem to provide complete body therapy.
John H
why massage? Danny has spent years honing his craft and the results show it. Give him an hour or two, you will feel better than you thought possible.